Hope. This word for me is so much. I think that in our life we can lose it all, but NEVER gonna lose HOPE. Hope, for me is the strength that make my dreams come true, withour hope, most of the things that I wanted wouldn’t have come true.

For a lot of people in the world, who had lose it all, that are poor, that are living in the streets, one of the little things that have saved them, is hope.

If you have hope, you can do what ever you want. Dreams have no limits and hope helps you to make them true.

One day i was studing for an exame of maths, and i really don’t like maths, and the exame was so difficult, I studied so much, but I was so nervous. Before the exame I was thinking: “I’m going to fail the exame, all I have  studied is for nothing, I’m going to fail it”, and I fail it. After my teacher gave me the mark of the exame I reflexioned, about it. The reason why I didn’t pass the exame was because I didn’t belive in my self, I didn’t have hope. I studied too much, but if I don’t have a little of hope that I’m going to pass it, I don’t pass it.




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