For me dreams can be lot of things, but I can define it like something that you want and which can become real. Sometime dreams can become real, but if you work hard. I think that there’re a lot of types of dream. For example children dream about fairy tales and fantastic worlds. That type of dream can become real but only in the imagination of them.  Beside there is another type, in adults persons. When we dream for example, about doing a long travel around the world, or have lot of money, or things like these, are things that you can reach if you work hard and sometimes you can do it alone. There is also another type, dreams like for example a world without wars, a paceful world, it’s a more complicated dream but, we can become it real if we work toguether, so is a dream that for make it real you must work in groups.

All in all, I think dreams don’t have limits, but in many ways, I mean, that they can become real if you want it.




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