Learning about horses

Learning about horses

Well, we can talk about learning of the animal (the horse) or about how to ride it. I’m going to talk about the two things.

A horse isn’t an object, it’s an animal, and it’s alive, they can feel, and have emotions. If you want to learn about horses, the best way is to live with them. If you take care about them, and you’re with them, I’m sure you will learn a lot of them.

Riding a horse isn’t easy. You must train a lot, and of course you MUSTN’T have FEAR. Like I say before, horses have emotions, and they also can feel our emotions. If you are scared they will know it and it will feel scare too. And if you fall down of a horse, don’t defeat, you must continue, one and another. It’s normal that you can fall down.

Also you must love horses if you want to learn about them. I ride a horse, since I was 5 years old. I love horse. Even my page is about horses!, but I also post about other things

I hope that this is useful for you.

Thanks for reading!!





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